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An Nasiha is a voluntary organisation with an important aim: to help build bridges within the local community by reinstating their connection with Islam. Founded in 2011, it has since been run by a team of students. Through their efforts An Nasiha has managed to hold public events in mosques and community centres up and down the UK with many renowned as well as upcoming scholars coming from all over the country to give speeches and seminars on interesting topics. Many community cohesion projects have been organised such as, Feeding the homeless, Roses for all project and Race against racism.

It has been endorsed by the likes of great scholars such as Mufti Monawwar Ateeq, Shaykh Waseem Ahmed, Shaykh Gul Muhammad and Imam Khalid Hussain amongst many others and is recognised as an excellent organisation. We welcome everyone to come and benefit from our events, especially the youth.

The work does not stop there. An Nasiha also has their own magazine called the An Nasiha Quarterly. In it, one can find interesting articles on contemporary issues written by knowledgeable and engaging scholars. It also includes reports on events and seminars that have taken place. Fun activities such as football tournaments were also organised to bring in the youth and teach them about Islam whilst simultaneously enjoy the day out.

An Nasiha is also very active on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where everyone can benefit from motivating and inspirational quotes and reminders. In addition, An Nasiha has a YouTube channel where videos of the events are uploaded along with videos of messages and reminders on important issues.

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