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Eid at Bluebell Wood Hospice

Upon the joyous occasion of Eid al-Fitr 2019, the An Nasiha team visited the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in Sheffield bearing gifts and a huge donation of around £850. The gifts donated were from a wish list made by the children of Bluebell Wood purchased using the money raised by the An Nasiha team. The amount raised, was from the contributions of the community in Sheffield and beyond, who have always supported An Nasiha in all of its projects. Many regular readers of An Nasiha Quarterly also donated generously to this cause.

The An Nasiha team were greeted by Anna, who is one of the staff members at the Hospice. She was appreciative of the donations and gifts. She then proceeded to share some kind words of gratitude and respect. The team then received a tour of the premises and saw first-hand all of the hard work the staff are engaged in and how much each penny donated by our donors would be beneficial to the Hospice

Bluebell Wood, is a hospice located in the city of Sheffield which caters for terminally ill children whether non-Muslim or Muslim. The operation costs of the Hospice are around £11,000 per day of which 10% is government funded. They rely heavily on fundraising projects and generous donations from some incredible people, such as the people who contributed to this project. The CQC recently gave them an overall rating of ‘good’ and “

‘outstanding’ for being a caring service.

As a team we felt that it is essential that we contribute to the community we live in therefore, we decided to raise funds via our various social media channels. Within a couple of weeks during the holy month of Ramadhan we were able to raise around £1000.

We pray that through our outreach programmes we are able to spread love, peace and a positive message of Muslims in the UK. We appreciate your continued support and pray this be a means of you attaining piety and closeness to Allah All Mighty.