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Celebrating Eid at St Luke's Hospice

Last month the Sheffield St Luke’s Hospice was visited by An Nasiha who came bearing gifts and a donation for the patients to commemorate the Islamic festival of Eid Ul Fitr.

The project was established in order to help and support a hospice which provides significant support to the community of Sheffield and are limited in their funds provided by the NHS. The hospice is run and maintained with generous donations from the public. The project also helps remove negative stereotypes regarding Muslims throughout our communities and to allow the patients who were confined to the hospital to participate with Muslims on this joyous occasion. 

Islam is a religion for all and with that ethos in mind, gifts were delivered for the patients to enjoy.


Zia Khan one of the project coordinators, commented,  'Muslims receive negative publicity of all forms from the press and media of today and are often accused of lacking integration. We hope this initiative will lead to a positive image of muslims and create a strong bond within the whole community. We hope to continue with this initiative annually as well as working on other projects which will also help improve our relationship with the community'. 

We hope that this small but effective step will assist in building bridges between communities in Sheffield.