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Today marks one year since the first announcement of a nationwide lockdown in the UK. Over the last year some of us have bid farewell to loved ones, some have been unwell within the hospitals and for some there have been hidden blessings over the year. One thing is for sure all of us have had to adapt to the ‘new normal’ with many challenges having to be overcome whether it be working from home with the added distraction of our children or social distancing in congregational prayers at the Masjid.
However throughout this period the vast majority of us have had access to at least 2 nutritious meals a day with access to clean water and good clothing all under a roof we like to call home. Unfortunately there are people out there without these essential commodities.
Yesterday brothers from the An Nasiha team visited Depaul Sheffield, an organisation who provides much needed shelter and food to the most vulnerable. Alhamdulilah with your donations we were able to purchase essential items which will come in handy for the residents at Depaul.
We pray Allah سبحانه وتعالىٰ bless all of you who continue to donate to these noble projects and ask Allah سبحانه وتعالىٰ to accept our intentions.