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Brothers from the An Nasiha team visited The Northern General Hospital in Sheffield with Qur’an cubes for the patients.

Sadly, there’s a growing number of muslim patients in hospitals, many of them with limited communication with their families and outside world due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Qur’an cube will aid in spiritually uplifting them and helping them gain physical strength on their road to recovery.
A massive thank you to you all for your support and generous donations, we were able to raise money for these Qur’an cubes.
On the day the An Nasiha volunteers were joined by Imam Amar Hafiz of Abu Bakr Masjid Rotherham. The words of encouragement were well received as always and a big thank you for his time and support on this and many of our previous projects.
120 Qur’an cubes were purchased for use in wards throughout our local Hospitals. 100 were donated to Sheffield and 20 to Rotherham Teaching Hospitals. Once again thank you to
May Allah سبحانه وتعالىٰ bless you all and remember the team and the sick in your blessed prayers