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, Shaykh Mohamed Husein Qadri is a young influential Islamic Scholar of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat. He began his Islamic studies at the age of five under the supervision of his respected father, Mawlana Iqbal Misbahi Noori and then with Mufti Muhammad Ayyub Ashrafi. Mawlana Mohamed Husein Qadri studied B.A. Arabic Studies in University of Manchester and is also a graduate of Alexandria University in Egypt where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic Studies.

Mawlana Mohamed Husein Qadri has earned recognition from many eminent scholars of our time, such as the Grand Mufti, ‘Allāma Mufti Diā al-Mustafā al-Qādirī. The Grand Mufti blessed the Shaykh with the permission to narrate Ĥadīth. Furthermore, the Shaykh has received numerous recognitions and permissions from many Arab scholars. He has translated many famous books from Arabic/Urdu to English and continues to do so. Some of the works which have been translated and published are: Al-Amnu Wa al-‘Ulā, Iqāmat al-Qiyāmah, Maţla’u al-Qamarayn (all three are the works of the great Mujaddid Imām Aĥmad Riđā Khān rađiyAllāhu ánhu) and other titles.