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Shaykh Muhammad Yaseen is an accomplished English speaking teacher who developed a strong interest in acquiring the traditional sciences from an early age. While actively participating in local gatherings of dhikr and knowledge, Shaykh Yasin secured basic Islamic foundations through his studies with qualified scholars, most notably our teacher Shaykh Rasul Baksh Saeedi (may Allah preserve him) at the FR Institute.                                    

Following the completion of his primary Islamic studies, efforts where then renewed to continue an academic career that would also provide an oppurtunity to engage with the local Muslim community. To date, he credibly holds a Bsc in Computer Science and Software Engineering and more recently recieved a Msc in Real Estate Management. Alongside other interests, Shaykh Yasin currently pursues advanced studies in Tafsir and Hadith at the established Sultan Bahu Educational Trust and personally leads other circles of Sacred Knowledge on a daily basis. He currently teaches full time at Sultan Bahu in Moseley, Birmingham, UK. He also delivers a lesson at the weekly Dhikr seesions at Woodlands Road Masjid, UK every Friday evening.

To further develop his Arabic proficiency he travelled to the blessed land of Syria and during this stay was fortunate enough to consistently meet and take knowledge from several renowned scholars of the current era including Shaykh Muhammad al--Yaqoubi.