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Mohammed Naveed Ashrafi son of Alhaaj Ch.Mohammed sadiq Ashrafi was born in the UK. He completed Hifz at an early age, studied A-Levels at Blackburn College. Thereafter studied Law LLB (hons) at the University of Central Lancashire. After graduating as a Lawyer, started studying Darse-Nizami. he graduated as an Alim-e-Deen (Islamic Scholar) in 2001. After qualifying as an Alim he was honoured and bestowed with Ijazah and Khilafat (permission) of the Qadiri Chishti Ashrafi order from his Shaykh; Huzoor Shaykhul-Islam Allama Sayed Muhammad Madani Miya Ashrafi al-Jilani. Also, he travelled to Cairo, Egypt to study Arabic . The Shaykh has been serving Deen since then, through delivering lectures throughout the UK aswell as overseas. He regularly appears on Ummah Channel, is always available to serve Deen and to defend the supreme honour of Allah Almighty, our Lord and Master-the Holy Prophet (sallalahualayhiwasallam) through refutations and rebuttals in his lectures and on TV, and strives to deliver the correct, original and authentic Islam.