Reminding Inspiring Advising

Having studied Arabic privately with teachers for over two years as well as doing a beginners course and obtaining GCSE Arabic Shaykh Waseem traveled to Syria in 2005 to study Arabic at the Abu Noor institute.

He returned to Syria in late spring of 2007 having decided to pursue the sacred knowledge with full commitment.  Under the tutelage of Shaykh Al-Yaqoubi he studied with various scholars and attended the lessons of the Shaykh benefiting immensely from the Shaykh's instruction and guidance. The Shaykh also attended Al-Ma'had Al-Dawli from late 2008 enrolling on the four year accelerated program, graduating from the institute in the summer of 2012. During this period Shaykh Waseem covered a traditional Islamic curriculum.

Shaykh Waseem returned to the UK in 2012 and joined Saalik in the capacity of Principle/teacher.