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Techtyle Digital Solutions provide online services to business. These include Web development, Ecommerce, and SEO. They also provide IT services such as; hardware setup, IT support, and IT consultancy services. 

Techtyle sponsors the tremendous work of An-Nasiha and its affiliated scholars, and believes that they are doing some good work in educating and informing the younger generation of muslims in the UK. 

Techtyle provides An-Nasiha with web services.

Swift Pharmacy- Burngreave 

Opening times: Mon-Sat 8am-11am Sunday 10am-8pm  

Address: 1 Gower St, Sheffield, S4 7HA Tel/Fax: 0114 2723366 

Swift Pharmacy - Burngreave is a late night pharmacy open 7 days a week. Our aim is to provide exceptional healthcare advice and service to our local community. We provide a range of services including dispensing prescriptions, blood pressure checks, diabetes checks, medication reviews, minor aliments service and Umrah/Hajj vaccinations. 

Swift Pharmacy sponsors the excellent work of An-Nasiha. We feel that this is an extremely important project aimed at the youth and that all the events and publications/magazines are well organised. We feel this is a much needed service for young Muslims as it helps resolve issues facing them and our community.

Bab e Islam

Bab e Islam is an independent Islamic outlet that has been operating for over 10 years in the heart of Sheffield, on Attercliiffe Road.

We provide Islamic books, Qur'an, gifts, Alcohol free perfumes, clothing, frames, Hajj and Umrah items as well as a huge selection of Mawlid related gifts and deco.

We work in the community and offer our services/products to local Masjids, prisons, schools and the NHS.

We also offer a dedicated Dawah section by which you can acquire free translations of the Qur'an and literature. We can assist with Shahada's and provide support and shrouds/kaffan in the instance of a family death.

We support An Nasiha in the great work they are doing to support the youth in becoming comfortable with their Islamic identity. The services that An Nasiha provide are valuable for the community.

Bab e Islam

Book & Gift Centre

596 Attercliffe Road


S9 3QS

0114 2438 786

Opening hours

Mon - Sat 10.30 - 6.30pm

Sun - 12.00 - 5.00pm

Universal Pizza and Burger Bar

Universal Pizza and Burger Bar, open seven days a week, provides fast-food such as burgers, pizzas and wraps, etc. Universal is a highly rated takeaway and has been running for the last 15 years. Universal Pizza sponsors the excellent work of An-Nasiha, as we feel it is helping thousands of Muslims across the UK. 

Universal Pizza & Burger Bar 5 Stubbin Lane Sheffield S5 6QG 0114 244 5252 

 Opening times: 4pm-12am

Imaan production

Imaan production is a graphic design firm from Oldham specialising in Islamic content. Our work ranges from logos and design to making trailers. Our aim is to standardise religious material to high quality. We also operate on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, where we make Islamic quotes to serve as a reminder for the Ummah. We work on an international scale promoting the true message of Islam to counter the false images the media portrays. 

We have decided to work with An Nasiha after seeing the unique work they are doing, by organizing events for the youth up and down the country. We have felt an urge to support this organization and help them continue to maintain quality and attractive graphic material to appeal to the youth. Since being a group of young individuals, it makes it easier for us to design age appropriate posters which can benefit us all Insha'Allah etc. 

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